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Self Adjusting Clutch - SAC

The Self Adjusting Clutch (SAC) counteracts the constant wear on the clutch linings by mechanical means and ensures a consistent pedal travel or rather pressure point. This is also known due to the shape of the diaphragm spring clutch. It works in simple terms according to the principle of a drum brake. A cup spring transfers the pressing force to the clutch disc and linings in the direction of traction. This release mechanism is controlled through the hydraulic clutch mechanism with a self-adjusting friction valve. A storage tank provides the constant extra hydraulic fluid required.

The self-adjusting clutch provides additional benefits. The driver has to apply low pedal pressure due to the low release force. In addition, the diaphragm spring clutch has a very long working life due to, for example, the insensitivity against high speeds and few individual components.