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SEAT Glossary

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SEAT Genuine engine oils are custom-designed products for your car’s engine, that protect and maintain our highly efficient and innovative engine units. To achieve our high standards of quality and performance, all Genuine engine oils are officially approved according to standards defined by Volkswagen Group. Choosing the right oil reduces friction between moving parts to extend the life of your engine. It also plays a part in reducing CO₂ emissions and oil consumption.

Our new portfolio of suppliers of Genuine Engine Oils consists of three strong, internationally renowned partners that suit us well in many respects. They share the high standards of quality and performance that we have always required of our products and are characterised by innovative strength and maximum reliability.

How many kilometers can you drive before needing an oil change?

In addition to specific viscosity classes, the guidelines for SEAT vehicles stipulate an oil change after 15,000 kilometers or once a year. For vehicles with flexible long-life service, an oil change is recommended after 30,000 km or once every two years.