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Tow Bar

SEAT tow bars are tailor-made and are integrated in the vehicle's safety and comfort systems to ensure a perfect operation. A removable towbar has several advantages since it does not affect the appearance of the car when dismounted and reduces the risk of damage when manoeuvring into tight parking spaces. When pulling loads, the permitted trailer loads must be observed. For transporting trailers, the towing vehicle must be equipped with a bracket that offers all the guaranties. The towing bracket is manually foldable and removable. It includes the necessary electronic components and offers a greater level of safety and control on the trailer. These towing brackets are designed for transporting trailers, tipping trailers and caravans, allowing transportation of anything you need, safely and comfortably. Manufactured from high-quality materials, the tow bars has undergone rigorous testing for strength and resistance to corrosion, as well as load tests and complies with EU homologation. Thanks to the simple, automatic mechanism for fitting and removing the ball hitch, no tools are needed – meaning that it is much simpler to meet the legal requirements for removing the ball hitch when the trailer is uncoupled. When you are driving abroad, the country-specific legal regulations must be followed at all times if you have not attached a trailer to the tow bar fitted to your car.

Due to the specific engineering features of cars, we recommend you only use genuine SEAT tow bars to guarantee safety, reliability and compatibility. Wrongly installed or incorrect tow bars can, in the event of an accident, damage components of the car, worsening the consequences of the accident or even causing fatal injury. We recommend having all the installation work done by SEAT authorized service partners.

The weight limit for the braked/unbraked trailer is stated in the car’s documents. These values are subject to the technical specifications of the car in question.