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Tyre Mobility Set

The tyre mobility set is a high-performance tyre repair kit that can be quickly and easily used by the driver to fix punctures. The kit contains sealant and fully automatic air compressor (12 volt) to inflate the tyre. Damages caused by foreign objects (up to 6mm diameter) can be safely sealed. As emergency roadside repairs only offer temporary mobility, the kit enables you to drive carefully (at a maximum speed of 80 km/h) to the nearest workshop.

The tyre mobility set offers a reliable, quick and comfortable solution in case of a flat tyre. The kit is easy to use and avoids the need for a difficult and time-consuming wheel change, as well as dirty clothing and hands. Furthermore, there is additional storage space in the spare wheel recess, since no spare wheel is needed. The low weight also benefits the transportation, which allows higher additional load.

With the AirMan® tyre mobility kit you can continue on your journey even after experiencing a flat tyre. The high-performance compressor and sealant effectively seal most tire punctures up to 6mm with Active Seal® Tire Sealant. AirMan® products allow for driving up to 200km or 125 miles at a maximum speed of 80km/h or 50mph to get you to the nearest service station. If you experience vibrations, unsteady steering behaviour or noises while driving, reduce your speed and drive with caution to a place where it is safe for you to stop the vehicle. Recheck the tyre pressure to see if there’s any pressure loss. If there is any visible damage to the tyre or wheel arch, do not continue driving. When using the AirMan® tyre mobility kit it is important to park your vehicle at the side of the road, so as not to impede the flow of traffic. Operating temperature for AirMan® products are between -20°C to +60°C.In the event of a breakdown, keep your vehicles’ lights on, wear a high-visibility vest and use a warning triangle to make others around you aware of your presence. Do not remove any foreign objects (nails, screws, debris, etc.) that may have gotten stuck in the tyre, if these objects prevent the wheel from moving, then call for assistance. Remember you should never run your vehicles' engine indoors, in closed areas, or non-ventilated areas. Do not exceed the listed operating time. And allow the device to cool down before the next operation.